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We build interactive & practical learning programs that companies leverage to level up their talent.

The result? Stronger teams that drive more impact on-the-job. Engaged employees that want to stick around.
Program completion rate (compared to 3-6% for asynchronous online courses)
of members choose to continue to learn with us beyond their initial program
felt more confident in their skillset, translating to increased confidence at work
Engaging learning programs taught by tech operators to accelerate professional development and performance.
Live & Interactive
Live programs are more engaging and foster team building to create a learning experience that employees actually enjoy.

Programs are online & part time; built for busy professionals.
taught by tech operators
Participants learn directly from a diverse, curated group of mentors that are building today’s top tech companies.

Learnings take place in live weekly workshops and office hours - with plenty of space to interact and ask questions.
Our learning programs offer in context, hyper relevant learning that simulates being on-the-job, so your team can easily retain and apply their learnings in their day-to-day.
Deliver high-quality professional development without burdening your internal L&D team and managers. All within a typical employee learning stipend.
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“Before The Commons, I knew SQL to a limited extent. However, the Strategy & Operations Sprint provided me with the opportunity to use SQL in a real case study, which allowed me to understand just how beneficial analytics and data are. After learning how to use SQL at The Commons, I took those skills to my current job where I analyze customer data and make decisions on how we should approach it.”
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”The Commons Sprints are great for anyone regardless of what stage in your career you are at. You will get to work with a wide array of some seriously smart people and learn a ton of skills that will be applicable to any role. The Commons community is the cherry on top with numerous engaging discussions and resources to help us all succeed.”
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”If you go beyond your comfort zone, pay attention to Slack, go to multiple events, and use your mentoring time correctly, a Sprint with The Commons can be the most important accelerator in your career.”
Employees from innovative companies have chosen to level up with us
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  • Join topic-focused live learning groups throughout the year
  • Completion certificates
Mentor Access
  • Direct access to 120+ mentors in Tech
  • Weekly small group mentor sessions during Sprints
  • Monthly live Office Hours
  • 1:1 Mentor coaching at a discounted rate
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  • Private Community
  • Ongoing Events + Workshops (virtual and in-person)
  • Community Knowledge Hub
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  • Private Community
  • Ongoing Events + Workshops (virtual and in-person)
  • Community Knowledge Hub
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  • Private Community
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Learning Experience Catalog
Hyper focused on upskilling for strategic business roles in tech, like these:
Chief of Staff
Strategy & Operations
Strategic Finance
General Manager
Business Analyst
Customer Success
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5-7 week interactive, live, cohort-based learning experiences led by mentors at Google, Netflix, Shopify and more.
Live, online, part-time
Team project-based
5-7 weeks
5 cohorts a year
7 weeks
Strategy & Operations
1:6 Mentor ratio
You’re part of the BizOps team at Juniper, a quick-commerce food delivery marketplace. It’s been almost two months since Juniper launched in a new market: New York. With 6+ workshops, weekly team working sessions & office hours, and with guidance from your mentor, you will use SQL to analyze the launch’s...
You'll learn and apply critical skills, including:
  • Data Analysis for BizOps
  • SQL
  • Data Visualization
  • Marketplace Metrics
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Experimentation and Product Launches
  • Tech Business Models
6 weeks
1:8 Mentor ratio
You’re a member of the Product team at a SaaS e-commerce company (like Shopify!). You'll define the company's product strategy, create a roadmap, draft a product requirement document and prioritize a feature list. You'll gain a holistic view of product and learn from mentors in product management and...
You'll learn and apply critical skills, including:
  • Product Vision
  • Defining North Star Metrics / OKRs
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • User Personas and Journey Mapping
  • Prioritization Frameworks
  • Product Feature Launch
  • Experimentation & Roll-Out
  • Product Templates (PRDs, launch plans)
5 weeks
Strategic Finance
1:8 Mentor ratio
You’re a Strategic Finance Lead at Picflix. Picflix has launched new tiered subscription pricing where the cost of plans reflects different perks and benefits. With help from the Head of Finance, you will make recommendations for initiatives that will encourage users to convert to the top subscription...
You'll learn and apply critical skills, including:
  • P&L Breakdown
  • Unit Economics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Financial Impact Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Key Metrics for B2B/B2C
5 weeks
Revenue Growth
1:8 Mentor ratio
You will spearhead the development of Human Bank’s remittance business strategy, outlining key initiatives at the intersection of BizOps and Product to increase monthly revenue 5x over the next year.
You'll learn and apply critical skills, including:
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Understand Top-Line Growth Levers
  • Revenue Growth Strategies
  • Strategic Recommendations for Exec Teams
  • Go-To-Market Planning
  • Projection Modelling
  • Cross-Functional Coordination
Sam headshot
“I loved the learning experience so much that I did 4 different programs.”
Sam W.
Micro Sprints
On-demand, compact learning experiences that are focused on hyper-specific skills.
Mentor created
On demand, at your own pace
Individual case based
Mentor access + office hours
Mastering Dashboarding
Interactive On-Demand Learning
Master creating, owning, and managing mission-critical dashboards from mentors who do it daily.
You'll learn and apply critical skills, including:
  • Dashboard Elements
  • Defining Users, Purpose and Metrics
  • Data Visualization, Inputs and Outputs
  • Wireframing
  • Running Effective Dashboard Review Meetings
Advanced SQL: Funnel & Cohort Analysis
Interactive On-Demand Learning
Use SQL to conduct cohort analysis within the business funnel, and develop actionable recommendations.
You'll learn and apply critical skills, including:
  • Funnel Frameworks
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Top-of-Funnel Metrics
  • Growth Marketing Tactics
  • Funnel Health
  • Marketplace Dataset
  • Intermediate-Advanced SQL
Continuous Learning
Access additional weekly, ongoing opportunities to continue learning and growing.
Monthly small learning groups on topics like AI 101, Health Tech, FinTech, Women in Leadership
Ask questions and get responses in real-time from other thought leaders in the community
1:1 coaching from mentors who work in tech, at a discounted rate
Weekly workshops and events (100+ per year), outside of learning experiences
Moving from IC to Manager, led by GM at DoorDash
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Automation Workshop Series, led by BizOps and Automation Manager at Spotify
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Data Visualization, led by SVP Data & Engineering at CarData (ex-Uber and ex-Zume)
Cardata logo
Resilience at an Early Stage Startup, led by Head of BizOps at KOHO
KOHO logo
Managing your team’s performance with the Director of BizOps at ZenDesk
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