The Commons is the place where education, mentorship and community come together to accelerate careers.
Careers are no longer static ladders to climb. They’re dynamic, non-linear and, in our humble opinion, 100x more exciting. Yet today’s education institutions are built for yesterday’s careers. 

The Commons was built out of a personal pain-point that has deeply resonated with other ambitious professionals. When I pivoted from Big Law into tech, there was no place to simultaneously build a relevant network and upskill. I wanted somewhere that felt like my college experience - social and effortless - but was accessible. I didn't want to take years away from the workforce because I know the most effective way to learn is on-the-job, and the best way to build relationships is by working together. There was nowhere to turn.

Universities have always been more than the courses they offer. Yet innovation in education has focused on unbundling content, courses and networking, so they exist in silos. That misses the point.

To truly catalyze careers, you need to combine education, relationship building and access to opportunities.

The pandemic gave us a new perspective on how we can learn online. It can be high-quality, inherently social and community-first. Learning should never be lonely, boring or finite.

So we built a new learning model that delivers education, mentorship and community together.

We create learning experiences that enable mentees to learn directly from mentors who work in the jobs they want to upskill for. It fosters a strong sense of community and has helped mentees achieve more than they ever imagined.

Come to learn, and stay for the community.

We all rise together ✌️💚 
Loren - Co-Founder and CEO
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Skillful is now The Commons.
We’re more than just skills training. We're the place where high achievers come to fulfill their career potential. We combine education, mentorship and community to empower the next generation of ambitious professionals to achieve their career goals.
The time to build the education institution of the future is now. And we're doing it.

Careers are catalyzed through skills-training, mentorship and a supportive network. At The Commons, we're delivering those critical career elements together through learning experiences that are social, mentorship-based and community-first.

Join to learn and stay for the community.