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We combine mentorship, upskilling and community to accelerate careers in the Tech industry.
We are building a more effective and accessible way for business people in Tech to learn and grow in their careers.

About The Commons

Careers are evolving.
Ambitious professionals stay at companies that support their learning and growth. In fact, 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Companies compete for employees with growth mindsets and benefit from nurturing, growing and retaining that top talent.
We’re not another bootcamp. We’re a social learning platform.
The Commons is built for what today’s ambitious professionals and companies want.  Our unique learning model drives immediate impact in student’s day-to-day, and is beloved by them. Why? We create project-based learning experiences that reflect being on-the-job; our learning experiences are interactive and engaging; and our mentors have a profound impact on their career outcomes.
All Sprints are created & led by mentors who work in the roles they’re training students for, at top tech companies from startups, scale-ups and big tech. Mentors are hands-on with a small group of students, coaching them weekly.
Admissions into The Commons is curated to ensure that students can reap the benefits of group learning.
Small teams of students and their mentors work together on a project, which serves as the vehicle for applying new skills. It also simulates learning on-the-job, making it more effective.
Our learning model is highly effective.
Since 2020, we’ve built a community of 1,000+ global professionals, including 150+ mentors from companies like Uber, DoorDash, Google, Stripe, Wealthsimple, Netflix, Deel, Thumbtack and more.
Sprint completion rate (compared to 3-6% for other online courses).
of members continue learning beyond their Sprint, through topic-based learning groups and workshops.
of participants felt more comfortable with the relevant hard skills (like SQL) and soft skills (like structured problem solving) after their Sprint
of participants said they feel more confident in their skill-set after The Commons. This translates into increased impact and confidence at work.

Why Members & Companies Love Us

Upskilling that members actually get excited about.
Our social and community-first approach makes upskilling authentically fun. Learning with other people builds confidence and real relationships. Being part of a community, engaging in discussions and joining workshops, speaker series and events creates a sense of belonging. Members get way more than just skills-training. They get mentorship, camaraderie, confidence and a sense of community.
We’re hyper-focused on business roles in tech.
We focus on strategic business roles in tech. We built each Sprint in collaboration with mentors who work in those roles at top tech companies like Instacart, Netflix, DoorDash and Uber so that members learn what you need to thrive in those roles today.
We’re an extension of on-the-job learning.
Our learning model simulates learning on-the-job. We know you’ll agree that on-the-job learning is the most effective and efficient way to learn. Students work through a project with a mentor and their teammates because that’s how we learn in the real world. Outside of their project, students learn fundamentals through live and online workshops, created and led by mentors.

To enable a rapid learning cycle, students receive weekly coaching and direct, personalized feedback from their mentors. This cycle of learn → apply → receive feedback enables students to level up quickly, so they can deliver more impact on the job.
We're built for busy professionals.
Our Sprints are built for busy professionals, including those immersed in the scrappy startup hustle. Our programs are all part-time (4-8 hours per week) and outside of work hours, which empowers ambitious professionals to learn & grow without having to slow down at work.
Teams we've worked with:
Neo Financial
Neo Financial
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Our Learning Sprints

Here are some of the Sprints that we offer.
Strategy & Operations
to make their pivot more effective and efficient
Learn the key skills needed for generalist roles, like BizOps, Chief of Staff, Partnerships and more. Teams build a set of recommendations to improve a product launch, based on their own analysis using SQL and data visualization tools like Tableau.
Key Skills & Concepts:
Stakeholder Management
Deck Building
Data Visualizations
Structured Problem Solving
View the syllabus
to build product acumen, from strategy through to execution
Gain an understanding of product management, from creating a product strategy to drive business objectives to setting a roadap and plan to prioritize and roll-out new features.
Key Skills & Concepts:
Roadmap Planning
Northstar Metrics & OKRs
User Persona & Journey Mapping
Frameworks & Templates (PRDs, launch plans)
Feature Prioritzation and Roll-Out
View the syllabus
Strategic Finance
to build financial analysis & modeling skills
Learn financial analysis and modeling skills to understand and show the financial impact of business decisions. Built for business generalists and accounting/finance professionals who want to think more like a strategic finance team would.
Key Skills & Concepts:
Financial Modeling
SaaS Metrics
Subscription Modeling
Market Sizing
Product Finance
View the syllabus
Revenue Growth
to build a realistic strategy to drive revenue growth
Gain experience structuring an ambiguous problem (how do we 10x revenue?) and creating a set of recommendations to achieve the company’s goals leveraging cross-functional levers.
Key Skills & Concepts:
Competitor and Market Analysis
FinTech Industry Knowledge
Revenue Growth Strategies
Exec Presentations
View the syllabus

How to Partner With Us

We partner with a curated group of companies to upskill their teams and co-brand scholarships for underrepresented individuals.
Help us build a more diverse & inclusive tech industry.

We are partnering with a curated group of companies to build scholarship funds to make it possible for underrepresented groups to join The Commons. As an impact scholarship partner, you’ll be part of a curated list of company sponsors that help make our mission of delivering accessible professional development possible.
It’s mutually beneficial, helping recipients and our partners alike.

Impact scholarship partners provide life-changing career acceleration to up and coming talent in the tech industry, while benefiting from incredible community and brand exposure opportunities (plus our talent pipeline).
• Support underrepresented groups in the tech industry
• Brand exposure for your company
• Opportunities to get involved with The Commons community (events, speaker series and more)
• Access to our community talent pool
As a first-generation immigrant and student, everything I’ve been able to accomplish until now has been due to the sole reason of being able to stand on the shoulder of giants. I have found tremendous value in finding communities, mentors, and champions with similar values, beliefs, and passions. Through understanding my strengths and weaknesses, I realized that I needed mentorship in the product strategy space. Due to this scholarship, I have been able to be a part of a strong community, and simultaneously developed new skill sets to work towards my passion and goal of supporting our healthcare system and patients experiencing healthcare challenges.
Mobeen Lalani
Scholarship Recipient
0-10 YoE
We focus on early-mid career professionals. The majority of our community has 2-8 years of work experience.
450+ companies
Members of The Commons come from over 450 companies and diverse backgrounds like politics, consulting, non-profits, finance, CPGs, F500, startups through scale-ups and big tech.
We outpace the industry average for persons identifying as women. We are striving for equal gender representation in the next year.
The majority of our community identifies as a visible minority (27% South Asian, 13% Chinese, 7% Black, 6% Latin American, 4.5% Arab, 8% Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Southeast Asian).
Upskill your talent by sponsoring an employee to participate in a Sprint.

Here’s why employers love our Sprints:
Sprints are built and led by mentors who work at companies like yours
Project-Based Learning
The curriculum is hands-on and case-based so students can deliver impact faster
Efficient Upskilling
Mentors help students learn skills so that they can develop without compromising their manager’s time
Sprints are part-time and online, outside of working hours
I encouraged my team to participate (company sponsored!) to refine their skills, meet more people and try their hands on a relevant problem from a different industry. It's been fantastic for onboarding but also for building confidence and giving team members a new perspective.
Ally Bashir, Director of Operations and Customer Experience @ Snapcommerce
Strategy + Operations Mentor @ The Commons
Throughout the Sprint, participants engage in:
  • Cohort-wide workshops for core skills building
  • Weekly team and mentor working sessions
  • Direct, tactical feedback on students’ project work and problem-solving approach
  • Mentor office hours for hands-on SQL coaching
  • Speaker series with industry experts on topics like launching in new markets, building effective presentations, regulatory operations, BizOps metrics & frameworks, etc.
Next Steps
We'd love to explore a partnership with your company, whether it be to upskill your team, co-brand scholarships or start a new initiative together. Book some time with our team below!

See the Impact

Hear directly from past scholarship recipients about the impact joining The Commons had on their careers.
"Upon graduating university, I was eager to continue my learning journey and found The Commons. As a new grad, I was mindful of my expenses but didn't want financial limitations to hold back my career growth, which is why I was extremely thankful to receive The Commons’ International Women's Day Scholarship! The Commons was my first real exposure to Product & Strategy, which helped me identify my goals, expand my business knowledge and build a meaningful network. Fast forward 9 months, I'm working my first role in tech, and am a Product Manager working with a dev team to ship my first MVP. Safe to say, I wouldn't be here without my experience at The Commons, and I'd love to see more individuals given the resources to take the leap in investing in their careers."
-Sanaa K.
"I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship for the Product Sprint by The Commons. The Product Sprint has been a great way to supplement my career and increase my exposure to the “world of PMs.” I’ve found the weekly sessions to be extremely informative and Eric is a great mentor. But perhaps the best part of joining the Product Sprint is becoming part of The Commons community. They are the most supportive and engaged professional community that I’ve been a part of and I look forward to seeing what The Commons is up to each week. Through the Sprint, I’ve not only gained more industry knowledge but also a great community!"
-Connie L.
"Graduating from The Commons has been instrumental towards my career trajectory - this wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity and support of a Scholarship from The Commons. Choosing The Commons to upskill was one of the best career decisions I’ve made and I’m forever grateful for their rockstar community for helping me find a job that I love."
-Mya E.
"The impact that this scholarship has made on my career is threefold. The lessons are a great foundation on which to strengthen your knowledge. With this first piece in place, you get to test out your knowledge and receive feedback on your methodology from your mentor. A personal favourite, was seeing my mentor show documents they use in their everyday at work as to how an established company uses product-related methodologies, which cemented a proper format of execution for me to use going forward. This approach is very different than school which is more theoretical than a real life example. Last and most importantly, the community is crucial to my learning. Additionally, the people within the community are some of the warmest I met - within my first week as part of The Commons I was invited to a company networking event by my mentor, and before 6 weeks, I was invited to a community wide event in my city! Overall, the various sprints that The Commons have are an asset to any employee and the knowledge gained drives me to apply the knowledge I learned in initiatives at work."
-Pier-Luc N.
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