Expense Sprints Using Your Company’s L&D Budget

Many employers have L&D budgets that cover the cost of our Sprints. Follow these easy steps to get your reimbursed by your employer.
1. Apply to a Sprint
If you haven't yet applied to join The Commons, you can do so here. We recommend applying early - it takes <5 minutes!
2. Email your manager
If your employer sponsors external Learning & Development (L&D) opportunities, chances are they’ll be able to reimburse you for all or part of the Sprint tuition! Get their approval by leveraging the template below.

We recommend framing the ask in a way that demonstrates how the Sprint will have a direct impact on your performance, output and development goals - ultimately delivering positive impact on the business.

If your employer pushes back, see if they can cover part of the tuition.
Hi {manager},

TL;DR: I’m looking for approval fo  of Learning & Development spend so I can join a learning Sprint at The Commons, which will help me {benefits X, Y, and Z}. It’s all part-time and online so I feel confident it won’t impact my work.

I recently applied and was accepted to the {Sprint name} Sprint, offered by The Commons. I’d really appreciate your support in helping me join the Sprint, as I believe it aligns with my development goals.

In particular, my goal for this Sprint is to:

• Rapidly upskill on {insert hard skill that you're looking to hone through the Sprint, like SQL, product prioritization + roadmapping, building strategic recommendations}
• Increase my reps delivering data-driven insights and strategic recommendations, while being coached by mentors at high-growth companies like Netflix & Doordash
• Improve my presentation and communication skills, as I will be building a deck with my insights and recommendations and presenting it to stakeholders

Ultimately, this will enable me to {insert main outcome that aligns with your Sprint, for example: deliver data-driven insights more quickly, speeding up our team’s ability to outline, execute and iterate on recommendations or build my strategic thinking around product strategy, prioritization and roadmapping}. Per my development plan, my goal this quarter is to be effective at {insert goal that aligns with your development plan, like developing recommendations}, and this Sprint will help me hone in on that skill.

Tuition is $1,249 USD. Annual membership to The Commons community of alumni & mentors is part of my tuition, which means I’ll continue to have access to relevant speaker series, resources and people to learn from. I am more than happy to share insights from these sessions with our broader team. Furthermore, The Common’s community includes a lot of top-talent, and I will be able to represent our company and talk about why it’s such a great place to work.

More context on "Why The Commons?": 
The Sprint is offered by The Commons. The Commons is a curated online learning community helping ambitious early-mid career professionals accelerate their career through immersive, online & part-time learning experiences (called Sprints) that are created and led by mentors who work at companies like Google, Facebook (Meta), Netflix and Uber.

The Common’s learning model simulates on-the-job learning - it’s project-based, in-context skills training. I will get direct access to these mentors throughout the Sprint and after it ends. All of the live & online workshops and working sessions are on evenings or weekends with recordings available to watch on-demand.

Their program is part-time and online, so I won't need to take time off for work.

Bottom Line:
I'd like {company name}'s support to join the program. I’m excited about the growth opportunity and am confident that I will gain skills and learnings relevant to my work and be able to share new ideas, strategies and information with my team. I appreciate your consideration of my request. I’d be happy to speak about this further and any questions you may have.

{Your name}

P.S. People often join Sprints with their teammates because it’s an efficient way to practical build skills within a shared experience. I think it'd also be a great bonding opportunity for us - we can work together on the Sprint and present our learnings to you together.
Hi {manager},

I’m looking for approval for $399 USD of Learning & Development spend so I can join The Commons, a professional development platform, which will help me {benefits X, Y, and Z}.

I was recently accepted to join The Commons, a curated community of ambitious professionals who learn and grow together. The Commons specializes in strategic business roles. I want to set myself up for success at {company} and believe that I can learn a ton from this peer group and mentors, which I'll be able to bring back to {company}.

Here’s a few highlights of what I’ll get by joining The Commons:

• Peer Support and Mentorship - A global community of 1,000+ ambitious professionals who are at similar points in their career to me, as well as 100+ mentors from top tech companies. There are very active discussion threads on relevant topics and curated 1:1s
• Mentor Coaching - By joining The Commons, I’ll gain access to their mentor network. I can also sign up for 1:1 personalized coaching with mentors on specific topics (like {data analytics, product development and more}). Coaching sessions are $100 each, or can be purchased in a package. 
Workshops, Mentor Office Hours - The Commons hosts 2-3 events per week, which I get full access to. The events include workshops on topics like {advanced sheets functions, no-code/low-code tools, building your product toolkit and more}. Mentors also host small-group office hours, and The Commons brings in top operators as speakers.
• Access to Learning Experiences
- I’ll get front-line access to learning experiences like 5-7 week long learning sprints and topic-focused learning groups.

I would be very excited to bring my learnings back to our team, and I’ll keep you updated on what I’m learning.  I’m keen to tap into this opportunity and confident that I will be able to leverage what I’ve learned at The Commons to drive more impact for {company}, while advancing my career. It’s all part-time and online, so there won’t be any conflict with work!

I appreciate your consideration of my request. I’d be happy to speak about this further and any questions you may have.

{Your name}
3. Receive your receipt
After you enroll in a Sprint, you'll receive a receipt for your Sprint purchase via email. You can forward this receipt directly to your team for reimbursement.
4. Enjoy your Sprint!
Joining The Commons is an incredibly powerful way to advance your career, and having your company support you is the cherry on top. Looking forward to seeing you in Slack and having you dive in!

If you need help throughout the reimbursement process, email admissions@jointhecommons.co.
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