Mentee Spotlight: Jasmine Chi

learner Story

Meet Jasmine, a Strategy & Operations Sprint alum at The Commons who went on to land an Expansion Strategy & Operations role at Deel

Read on to learn more about why Jasmine decided to pivot from consulting into tech, what she took away from the Strategy & Operations Sprint, and how she continues to find value in The Commons tech community.

To summarize Jasmine career path in 1 line

McGill BComm ➡️ Management Consultant (Accenture) ➡️ The Commons Mentee (Strategy & Operations Sprint) ➡️ Strategy & Operations at Deel (Fully Remote)

Describe yourself with 3 emojis & give us a little context on why you chose them!

✈️ I think I have a serious traveling addiction (really bad!) and can’t stay put in one place for over a month.

🕯️I’ve started a passion project, JOMOCandle (IG:, a company based in Montreal that started with two friends and their love for asian-inspired handcrafted candles.

♈ I’ve been into horoscope lately (also really bad!) and if you know about aries, then you know almost everything about me!

Where are you located?

📍 I’m normally based in Canada (Toronto & Montreal), but have been traveling around here and there after joining Deel!

Career Journey 🗺️

What have been the biggest changes you noticed as you pivoted from Consulting to Tech? Anything surprise you?

Moving from consulting to a tech startup, I shifted from an environment that focused on perfection to one that encouraged taking risks and rapid iteration. I initially worried that my mistakes would impact the business/team, but learned really quickly that they're actual steps toward real progress.

How has your thinking around your career path changed over time?

Rather than adjusting my personal life to fit my career, I’m trying to find opportunities that would lead me to personal growth. Successful career path is no longer defined by salary or prestige but is now about fulfillment. Instead of moving to better roles or opportunities, I'm more inclined to diversify. Half-jokingly (or maybe not), culinary school could be my next step!

Joining The Commons 🤝

What was behind your decision to join The Commons?

I joined The Commons to learn SQL interactively, initially without any interest in the additional perks. The networking and 'pivoting into tech' sessions, though initially not aligned with my goals, turned out to be the most valuable components!

What other aspects of the community have you found helpful?

I enjoyed the Slack channels, especially the weekly success stories of community members landing new roles! OR the daily job opportunities shared by fellow members, where most of them are not that obvious/found on LinkedIn. In fact, I discovered Deel (my current company) a year after finishing my Sprint, as I continued to read posts from the community.

What should people who are thinking about joining The Commons know about it?

I've consistently recommended The Commons to those curious about my tech transition. I’ve noticed many hesitated due to the cost, considering the availability of free or cheaper courses online. Personally, I was fortunate that Accenture covered it under 'data analytics' training. While I might not have joined if I had to pay myself at the beginning, having gone through it, I think it’s 200% worth it. In just 6 weeks, I gained insights that might otherwise take me years of networking and personal experience to acquire. BONUS: it's likely to result in a job in tech with higher pay, easily justifying the cost many times over!

Your Career Pivot and Your New Role! 🔀

Tell us about your new role at Deel 🤖

Company Overview: Deel is an all-in-one HR platform for global teams. It helps companies simplify every aspect of managing an international workforce, from culture and onboarding, to local payroll and compliance.

Your Role: Expansion Strategy and Operations Manager, Deel

Your Team: Expansion Team

How Long Have You Been At Deel: Almost a year and half!

How are the key goals of the team and how does it drive impact for the business: Although the company goals remain the same, within our smaller team, our priorities can change daily or weekly. We often act as the ‘glue’ to the different teams within the company and you can find yourself being a Product Manager, Data Analyst, Product Designer, Program Manager, etc. all in one. There was one instance when I found myself working on a data-heavy project and I jokingly (or maybe not 😆) told my team that if I were to rate my data expertise on a spectrum from rocket scientist to artist, I firmly positioned myself as an artist.

What prompted you to make a pivot?

I changed my academic track from Science to Business in university, seeking a more entrepreneurial journey. I initially thought consulting would fulfill that, but realized that I needed to be in a less corporate, more flexible environment. 

How did you identify what type of role or industry you wanted to pivot to?

During my recruitment phase, two main roles stood out: S&O and PM. PM felt too technical to my liking, leaving S&O as the natural choice. Frankly, I never considered tech companies because I’m not a ‘techy’ person; my goal was simply to join a startup, be it in retail or elsewhere. Coincidentally, the tech industry was booming which caught my attention.

Words of Wisdom 🧠

What advice would you give your former self at the beginning of your job search?

Trust your instincts! It took me more than a year to transition to my present role. Throughout this period, I faced various tempting offers due to my eagerness for a change. I came close to accepting positions at better-paying consulting firms and startups with missions I wasn't passionate about. The right opportunity is reserved for the prepared, so never compromise!

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