Mentor Spotlight: Angelina @ Wealthsimple

Mentor Spotlight

Meet Angelina, a Mentor at The Commons and Product Manager at Wealthsimple.

To summarize Angelina's career path in one line: Northwestern Undergrad -> McKinsey consultant (traveled & worked in North America, China, S.E. Asia, Australia, Kenya) -> CA launch Ops / Product Ops @ Revolut (got to beta launch CA market and then launch international remittance) -> Product Manager @ Wealthsimple (help people grow & manage their wealth)

Describe yourself with three emojis

🌍 Lived & worked in a lot of different countries, used to live out of my suitcase

🎥 A new content creator, checking out my YouTube channel here

🧑‍🍳 I love eating & feeding people, food is passion

Current role & location?

📍Product Manager @ Wealthsimple in Toronto.

What prompted you to pivot from consulting to tech?

I was burnt out from consulting, and also craving more on the ground experience, therefore, i wanted to test the water with tech.

How did you narrow down what types of roles you wanted to shift to?

I set a few criteria for myself when selecting opportunities/ roles, while also being open to opportunities:

  • Working in a challenging environment so I’m always engaged & learning
  • Working with amazing people
  • Working on a product that I truly believe in and can create a positive impact for the ones around me

What was the interview process like?

Actually very similar to consulting interviews, but with an additional analytical pieces.

Tell us about your current role at Wealthsimple!

I’m a Product Manager at Wealthsimple and our team is in charge of anything and everything to do with Money Movement - we want to make the money movement experience (both frontend & backend) fast, simple & frictionless for our clients!

Why should someone work at Wealthsimple?

  1. Wealthsimple has an amazing culture - everyone cares about & supports each other; it’s so easy to also talk to leadership 
  2. It also has a great mission to help people build wealth and financial freedom
  3. Lots of smart people to learn from

What's a fun perk people can expect to benefit from when working at Wealthsimple?

  1. Way better healthcare (instead of $500 coverage per item, we get $2000 total)
  2. Wellness day - every long weekend, we get extra day off to make it a 4 day weekend 
  3. Catered lunch at the office everyday
  4. Dog friendly

What advice would you give to your former self at the beginning of your job search?

  1. Treat every interview as a learning opportunity, you will get better as you go
  2. Have a clear set of “must” & “def. Not” to narrow the search

What's an unpopular opinion or belief you hold about careers, tech or the job search?

Your next job should be better than your current one (in terms of understanding your own preferences, likes, dislikes etc etc.), so slowly you are working towards that perfect job.

We're so happy you're part of The Commons! What have been your favourite parts about being a mentor?

  • Meeting all the amazing & interesting people while growing my own network
  • Helping people achieve their dreams

Has there been anything unexpected that you've got out of participating with The Commons?

Develop genuine friendship with people.

And now, a few fun tidbits about you!

Tell us some of your favourites:

📰 Where you get your daily news: Not news, but Lenny’s newsletter for anyone interested in product & tech

💻 A tech company you think should be on everyone's radar: Billdr 

🎨 What you're doing outside of work: YouTube  & Dog mom

📚 Book: Show your Work by Austin Kleon

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