Mentor Day in the Life: Khaled @ DoorDash

A Day in the Life

Mentor at The Commons Khaled currently works in Strategy & Operations at DoorDash, the high-growth food delivery company.

His day generally includes lots of heads down time for analytics and dashboarding, with meetings and stand-ups sprinkled throughout 👇

A typical day in the life for him looks a little something like this...

6:30 AM: Wake up and check email/slack for urgent messages. If nothing requires immediate attention: start the coffee brewer, treat our cat - Hummus - with fresh food and cream. ☕️

6:45 AM: Reading…FT, Bloomberg, The Globe & Mail, The Peak, Morning Brew, BetaKit, The Verge, TechCrunch, and the daily twitter scrolling.

7:30 AM: Check Logistics monitoring dashboards. Write up a summary of trends over the weekend. Raise relevant action items if needed. 📈

8:00 AM: Analytics deep dive 1 - Start putting together a dashboard to track results across treatment and control groups of an experiment we’re launching at the end of the week. Used Mode (SQL) to test out queries, and Sigma for visualization.

10:30 AM: Update one of our OKR and financial trackers.

10:45 AM: Draft commentary for weekly business review - how we tracked against goals, and highlight factors driving week-over-week changes. 💬

11:00 AM: Analytics deep dive 2 - Finalize dashboard created in the morning, sent off to other teams we’re partnering with for feedback.

12:00 PM: Lunch. This is usually a salad - spring mix + salad dressing + salad toppings (life hack). 🥗

1:00 PM: Got an inbound from a colleague on what benchmark to use for a quality metric. Didn’t have an answer. Chased some documentation and wrote a couple of queries to figure out where we’ve been tracking quarter to date.

1:30 PM: Weekly team meeting. We review performance over prior week, priorities for the upcoming week, and gather input on potential blockers.

2:30 PM: Attend Analytics Office Hours to gather feedback on queries used to track live deliveries. 🖥

3:00 PM: Weekly sync on a new delivery service being piloted. Presented experiment results from prior week, and recommendations moving forward.

4:00 PM: Sync with Eng, Marketing and Product on a new feature we’re rolling out. We had wrapped up friendly user testing, and needed to finalize our GTM plan. ✔️

4:30 PM: Evaluate a request by one of our partners to expand operating hours of a certain district.

5:30 PM: Another round of email/slack messages checking and evening readings. 📧

Interested in learning from Khaled? Join the Strategy + Operations Sprint, where Khaled runs some of the SQL workshops, and get direct access to mentors' insights and advice.

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