Mentor Day in the Life: Katan @ Shopify

A Day in the Life

Mentor at The Commons Katan currently works as a Senior Product Operations Manager at Shopify, a high-growth e-commerce platform.

His week generally includes lots of focus time, stakeholder meetings and of course, listening to some podcasts👇

A typical day in the life for Katan looks a little something like this...

7 AM: Wake up and check my phone for any urgent messages or notifications 📲

7:30 AM: Grab breakfast and tune into a podcast to start my morning (currently listening to Acquired) 🎧

8 AM: Check the news and catch up on any articles of interest (I usually kick things off with the New York Times, The Globe & Mail, & The Athletic) 📰

9 AM - 10 AM: Start my work day off by diving into emails and Slack messages. This is usually the time I use to catch up on interesting analyses, deep dives or merchant stories shared by various teams at Shopify.

10 AM - 12 PM: Depending on the day, this is when I would typically dive into some deep focus time based on what needs to get out the door that day. If it’s Monday, this is usually when I start looking at metrics and what was shipped by our Product teams in the last week so that I can pull these things together for a meeting and email update for later in the week. Otherwise my time is occupied with a variety of meetings with various stakeholders. 📊

12 PM - 1 PM: Lunch time! Typically just heat up some leftovers and tune out of work for a bit by diving into some news on my phone. 

1 PM - 5 PM: Will start my afternoon by going through any DMs from Slack that I might have pushed while in focus time. Then, depending on what’s needed to be done will dive into meetings, more focus time or pull up some internal things to read to broaden my understanding of the products that I support.

5 PM - 6 PM: The day usually starts to wind down around 5PM. I usually spend some time wrapping up the day by going through what I completed, what are things that are still outstanding and how I plan to prioritize my next day. ✍️

6 PM: Typical evening routine will include plugging into a podcast and going for a walk after work. After that, might grab dinner with friends or head over to a local bar that has trivia nights. 🥘

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