Mentor Day in the Life: Anna @ Clio

A Day in the Life

Mentor at The Commons Anna currently works as a Team Lead for Strategic Planning at Clio, a high-growth legal technology company.

Her week generally includes lots of focus time, stakeholder meetings and of course, listening to some podcasts👇

7:00 am: Wake up! I’m a sucker for any effective wellness tip I can implement into my morning routine. I start my day by chugging a bottle of lemon water and ensuring I’ve taken all of my supplements. Staying hydrated is key for me to function at my best! Having said that, I’m preparing coffee at the same time because. Coffee is life. Coffee is love. I’ll usually pop a podcast on throughout this process. 🍋

Before I make my way over to the office, I will pop on a 10-15min Meditation using my very favorite app - Peloton <3. These really help center me and get ready for a day full of meetings and collaboration. 🧘

8:00 am: Start work - Clio announced a “Distributed by Design” model back in 2020, so moving forward, the commute to the office will always be a walk over to the second bedroom. I’ll start by answering any Slack messages, checking emails, and reviewing my schedule/plan for the day. Depending on the day of the week, and what’s in-flight, this first hour will either be used to prepare for my meetings, as heads-down time or a check-in sync. 🖥

9:00 am: My team works cross-functionally to produce our Monthly Business Review pre-read and helps facilitate the MBR meeting itself. On this day, I’ll help facilitate the MBR. This is one of my favorite days of the month - I get super energized from strategic discussions that result in actionable takeaways. 💬

10:30am: I’ll use the next ~20 mins or so to hop out for a quick walk with my Olde English Bulldog, Otis. It’s probably raining outside (#vancouverlife) so we try to make this *quick*. Also - snack time! ☔️

11:00am: My team also works closely on finalizing and socializing our OKRs. After the company-level OKRs are announced, we are tasked with identifying all cross-functional strategic initiatives that will get us to our goals! We need to identify what’s in-flight and what gaps exist, with the opportunity to make recommendations. On this day, we meet with a DRI to capture information relative to the intended project ie. timelines, dependencies, intended impact and success metrics. I love this part of my role - I get to work with stakeholders within all departments and get both a high-level overview of the business, as well as a deep dive into operational execution. 🛠

12:00pm: The next few hours are separate 1:1 meetings with my manager and direct report where we focus on alignment, prioritization and development. 👥

2:00pm: Heads down time! I savor these few hours to knock out some deliverables, review work and catch up on any ad hoc requests. Productivity brought to you by an afternoon Nespresso :) ☕️

4:43pm: Today we are meeting with senior leadership to brainstorm and prepare for our Board meeting. We wrap up around 5:30 pm where I proceed to select my Peloton workout class for the night…. 🚲

5:30pm: After a workout, I’ll make dinner with my husband and relax. This usually means watching something trending on Netflix/Crave/Amazon Prime/Disney+ (please hmu with recommendations) until it’s time to take Otis out for a walk! 🦮

9:00pm: Really depends on the day but I may use the last few hours to catch up on some final work/Slack messages/preparation for the day ahead. Otherwise, I’ll treat myself with a few solid hours of reading. Currently reading: Working Backwards and totally recommend it! 📖

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