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A SQL crash course: the easiest way to gain an edge as a generalist in tech

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A SQL crash course: the easiest way to gain an edge as a generalist in tech

Written by Sean Newman, mentor at The Commons.

To get ahead, generalists need to learn to code. We’ve all heard this mantra in one form or another. The thing is, as a generalist, it’s less about technical expertise, and more about application. This means SQL is by far the language that will yield the best results for those in BizOps, Strategic Finance, Product, and Growth Marketing. Python is probably not going to help you in your day job as much.

Learning SQL and understanding its application is the quickest way to differentiate yourself from your peers. So what do I mean by application? Application means pulling together the right data (and summarizing it!) in such a way that you can make a strategic decision. Change the trajectory of your career by learning about different paths in tech directly from mentors who work at Google, Wealthsimple, PartnerStack, Astranis, Dolly, Juniper, and Uber.

See what happened? This dramatically simplified example was possible because an all-star analyst did the following:

  1. Defined the problem: Orders take too much time. He needed to find just how many minutes per order per courier.
  2. Defined potential variables: Date, Time of Day, Rating, and Different Legs of the Trip are all important areas to explore
  3. Wrote the code: We’ll dive into this shortly
  4. Analyzed the results: The leg of the trip waiting at the restaurant is far too long!

Now, the manager and his analyst can brainstorm together why couriers wait so long at restaurants and what solutions they have to offer. This is all because the analyst not only knew how to write SQL (step 3), but also how to apply it (steps 1, 2, and 4). We’re going to look at everything you need to know for steps 3. But to take things to the next level, I recommend also finding opportunities at your job or in The Commons to work on real-world examples!


Let’s first establish a few definitions…

  • Query = SQL code
  • Raw Data = An output table containing information specified by a query
  • Table = Database objects containing rows and columns of information
  • Schema: A collection of tables
  • Database: A collection of schemas

It’s important to understand how tables, schemas, and databases fit into an ecosystem. This will help you combine different datasets into the most meaningful raw data. Within schemas, each table is typically defined as “dim” or “fct”.

  • Dim stands for dimension. This is a static mapping table such as dim_quantities. It tells information about data. For example, dim_quantites may say the size of each package. Strawberries are 1.5 lbs, Oranges are 0.75 lbs, etc.
  • Fct stands for fact. These tables update in real time with activity such as purchases and inventory movement. For example, fct_groceries may say the time when each fruit was purchased by a customer


Every SQL statement should include the following attributes.

  • SELECT… determines which columns to include. This example has * which means every column in the table will be pulled in
  • FROM… determines which table to pull from. This example is pulling from a table called fct_groceries
  • WHERE… determines how data should be filtered. This query specifies only the year 2022 and onward. It also excludes any row that is in a category outside of Fruits.

The output of this query is as follows. Since we selected * in the query above, it is showing us all of the data (both columns + rows) from the table.

Now, let’s build upon this query more…

We did a few new things here:

  • DATE_TRUNC… instead of individual days, we’ve bucketed the data into months (we always use the 1st of the month to do this). For example, 5/8/22 is now 5/1/22, or ‘2022-05-01’
  • COUNT… Each row counts as one. This is counting the rows within the unique combination of month_sold, category, and item. In layman's terms, this will tell us the total number of items sold each month.
  • SUM… this is summing the revenue for each sale within month_sold, category, and item. Similar to the above, this will tell us the total revenue by item, per month.
  • ORDER BY… this is always optional. ORDER BY sorts your data. In this example, the data is being sorted by month_sold, then by category, then by item in ascending order. By default, ORDER BY sorts the data in ascending order. To sort the data in descending order, use DESC - eg. ORDER BY [field names] DESC.
  • GROUP BY… when aggregations such as count or sum are included, “group by” always must be added at the end of the query. It’s very similar to the logic of a pivot table in Excel. The example below shows this. Notice how the two dark-yellow rows contain the same month, category, and item. They are combined and quantity_sold = 1 + 1, revenue = 3 + 3. When doing a GROUP BY, you can either number the columns chronologically as 1,2,3, or you can write out the column names as month, category, item.

Check out the new data set

If you’ve made it to this point, you now know enough SQL to be dangerous. Now, we’re going to go through other functions that are used on a daily basis by generalists making an impact at their companies!

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  • Automating Workflows with Alexis from Spotify | Alexis, a BizOps Tech & Automation Manager at Spotify, kicked off a three-part series on automating workflows 🤖 Part 1 covered advanced Google Sheets formulas to take your Sheets game to the next level. Stay tuned for subsequent sessions on automated trackers, emails and building your own Slackbot 👀

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Interview Advice Straight From The Community

When community members face unique challenges during the hiring process, they turn to The Commons for advice....

Here's a round up of advice from members of The Commons:

  • Try standard email formats: "That is rough! Recruiter laid off may not be a good sign for new open roles. Do you remember the Hiring Manager's name? Use the same email format and email them. Or reach out on Linkedin? Reaching them directly is your best bet..."
  • Don't delay! "Something very similar happened to me for a job I was super excited about and I waited too long to follow up - I ended up doing what Sandeep mentioned above (structured an email using same email format with their name) to reach out to the hiring manager after a lot of time had gone by and found out that the recruiter went out on emergency leave so my candidacy slipped through the cracks despite the hiring manager actually intending to move me forward. If you don’t hear back via email I’d follow up via LinkedIn too. Happy to share how I structured the email if helpful (I tried to be as non awkward as possible!) - feel free to DM 😊"
  • Ask the Recruiter: "How’d you find out they were laid off? If you are directly in touch, you can ask them for the name of the hiring manager and/or email address."
  • Find another Recruiter: "+1 to all of the above. You can also go on linkedIn and try to find the last standing recruiter at the company and see if they can help."

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Portable Monitors 🖥

With remote work on the rise, more people are looking for tools to suit their lifestyle - like portable monitors.

Here's what the community recommended ⬇️

  • ThinkVision M14 Portable Monitor - Ayo
  • TRIO & TRIP Max Laptop Monitor - Fairuz "Really handy for travelling and is 50% off atm for Black Friday"
  • ASUS Zenscreen - Michael M. "I use ths one with. my MacBook, works great.
  • espresso - Michael M. "I've also been eyeing this company"
  • Viewsonic VA1655 - Balil "I use a Viewsonic VA1655, but have also considered the ASUS one above. How much you spend depends on your use case, but since mine is mainly remote work while traveling, I went with a 1080p screen, and have no complains so far."

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